Brookie – watercolor http://ow.ly/i/1zTY

Brookie – watercolor http://ow.ly/i/1zTYV

Represented By Jinishian Gallery

False Albacore Painting with New Frame from Motyka Frame

Again here the painting a frame are in concert doing their jobs. The frame is so slid and well made it will protect the painting in style for decades and beyond.
Here is the website for Motyka Frame http://www.motykaframe.com/

Dolly Varden Painting with Frame from Motyka Frame in RI

Here is my painting with the frame. It is a distressed black finish with a gilded title plate. Motyka from Rhode Island does a great job. The molding is heave and rock solid and they are very experienced with finishing. SO painting compliments frame and frame compliments framing.

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